About Me

I was born on March 28, 2002. I was born and raised in Rochester Minnesota.

IMG_20180328_183407_403    (“a profile picture is a visual expression of identity, and our choice of profile photos is clearly a form of visual self-representation. Similar to selfies taken for time lapse videos, profile pictures change over time. Some of us barely ever update them,”. this is my profile picture for multiple social media pages that I have I dont plan to change them from this I this this is a good representation of me. )

20170128_201437  ( “people can feel pressured into demonstrating a certain group identity.” but for me in I use my social media page as a way to express me and not some other group that I really dont care about”


I was and only child until my little brother Reggie was born. 2 years later my youngest brother Zeke was born we all live our Mom. during middle school I played football in the RYFA(Rochester Youth Football Association) I stopped after I started high school but I then began weight lifting and I do it still to this day. I have dog and her name is Sheba she is an Airedale terrier.